About us

Who Are We?

At Tiny Wolf we pride ourselves on our honest and unpretentious manner. Chris first produced videos in 2007, while working for Belgian NGO GetBasic. Since then he’s worked as freelancers on a variety of interesting projects across the globe including two years working as a video journalist in Myanmar producing videos for AFP, Globalpost and The Guardian Online.

When we need a specialist, then we’ll get one in from the pack. It could be a DOP, graphic designer or animator. We know a vast array of talented people who we can call upon if and when the job requires.


Chris Head Wolf

Tall, friendly, Irishman with a 1920s boxing physique (who writes this stuff?)


The Pack

We know a vast array of talented people who we can call upon if and when the job requires.


We’re not just machine operators, we bring real ideas and joined-up thinking that puts you and your video first.

Explainer videos

You’ve got a great concept, you’re about to, or have launched your MVP, but you need a solid video to maximise traffic and increase growth exponentially.

Mini docs

A more in depth look at individuals and story. We like our videos to explore people and places. What story do you want to tell?

Event Videos

Conferences, pop up events, networking banquets etc. Get a permanent record of the day and a way to drive engagement through your website, blogs and social media.

Multicam shoots

Sports, or TV style panel/chat shows. Synced multicam coverage of events and shows. Get every angle.


Talk to a team who can lead you through the whole process. What better way to represent your brand.