Our process

There’s more to making a good video than you might think. . .

What is a video agency? In conceiving Tiny Wolf we wanted to try and close the gap between the so called “agencies” – the ideas people, and the people on the ground who actually make the video. We think that cross pollinating the two results in a more transparent and efficient process, and provides better value for our clients.

We know video, we know what works and what doesn’t. We work through the whole process with our clients. That means things don’t get lost in translation, and we won’t offer you more than we can provide. We co-ordinate the whole process, and put you at the center.

1. Analyse – research

We like to think making a good video is a little like cooking a great dish. You wouldn’t step into the kitchen hours before a dinner party with no idea what to cook, and we wouldn’t turn up for a shoot without a clear plan.

2. Conceptualise – creating a plan

Once we’re confident we really know you, we can start to put together the recipe. In practical terms, this means airing initial ideas, building mood boards, and progressing towards storyboarding and scripting.

3. Synthesize – realisation: making it happen!

Now all the prep is complete we can put all of those carefully chosen ingredients together. Traditionally this is what most people think of when it comes to filmmaking. Camera, lights, action.

4. Post Production

Now it’s time to stitch all those shots together in the edit, work on the “look“ we want to achieve and get you your first deliverable